It’s the first time ever that gaming and esports get recognition at Idrottsgalan, the annual Swedish sports awards. FUZED won “Årets Peppare” 2023 — given out by Generation Pep and The Swedish Sports Confederation — for its work with children’s health, and was congratulated and handed the prize by his Royal Highness Prince Daniel, on stage in Avicii Arena.

The Jury’s motivation:

“The winner has combined the new generation’s passion for digital culture with traditional physical activity – in a brave, innovative and groundbreaking fashion. FUZED is a meetingplace for the future generation, creating happiness through movement and a more healthy lifestyle in today’s digital world.”

FUZED will continue to work with Helsingborg Stad and develop the concept, making it more accessible for everyone. We are also looking to expand the business across Sweden, collaborating with more municipalities who want to work with gaming.

“We’re humbled and grateful. Receiving this award is a great honor and a testament that we’re doing things the right way, but we couldn’t have done without our amazing partners and all the people supporting us. We share this prize with you,” said Karl Sergel, founder and CEO.

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